Our Vision

Founded in 2019 by a diverse and dedicated team with a unified vision, Goodszilla, Inc. was formed out of the desire to create the digital marketplace that makes the world a better place. From an early age, our founder and CEO Toju Ogbeide had the desire to help others, yet also understood there is only so much a single person can accomplish by themselves. When starting his own company, his understanding of this, and his desire to help others translated into the creation of Goodszilla, a digital marketplace facilitating donations and assisting charities.

His vision from day one was to create a socially conscious, transparent, and accessible marketplace that would allow users to buy and sell both goods and services while helping important causes and charities. Working together, our team constantly strives to make this vision a reality.

Team Dedication

Each member of the team has dedicated themselves to making Goodszilla the premier charitable marketplace because they deeply care about helping those in need. Whether it be helping feed the homeless, providing financial aid to mental health support groups for teens, or raising funds for cancer research – they each have causes that are close to their hearts.

We created a platform to facilitate transactions creating the good we want to see in the world. We make a positive social impact in our communities. We connect buyers and sellers who care about important causes and helping those in need.


Fully Transparent

We aim to be fully transparent about how donated proceeds from sales are distributed to charities.


Socially Conscious

Creating a positive impact by turning goods into goodness. Charitable marketplace created to help those in need.

Helping the Planet

Thrifting helps reduce product waste because items gets recycled by allowing someone else to buy it.

Development & Partnership

Development of the Goodszilla app started in 2019 by our dedicated team of programmers and designers. In 2020, the app was made available through the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Our team is constantly updating and improving the app, working diligently to create the best user experience possible.

Early on, Goodszilla established a partnership with CanadaHelps. This allowed for the development of strong relationships with thousands of charities. When sellers donate a percentage of their sales proceeds to one of the thousands of charities, CanadaHelps expedites the secure transaction and donation process.

Your Donations

We aim to be fully transparent about how donated proceeds from sales are distributed to charities.

If a seller uses the Goodszilla marketplace and sells an item for $20.00 and chooses to donate the full amount to charity, $6.9% service fee is subtracted to cover our expenses such as marketing, paying our employees and stripe payment processing fees.

If a seller makes a $20.00 sale but donates a portion of the proceeds, 6.9%+2.9% (service fee+payment processing fee) is subtracted to cover expenses, stripe payment, and withdrawal fee.

Our fees are applied to sellers. Charities will always receive 100% of the donated amount.