What is Goodszilla?

Goodszilla is a marketplace where individuals make impactful transactions. Sellers sell items to support worthy causes, and buyers shop with a purpose.


When can I expect my item to be shipped?

Sellers are required to ship items within 2 days of the payment. Buyers will have the option to select which type of shipping (Express, Standard, etc) they prefer which affects the shipping time.

How do I track my item?
Go to Profile > Purchase History > Select the item > – Track Your Parcel
What do I do if a product I purchased never arrives in the mail?
  1. Check inbox for an email stating that the product has been shipped
  2. If it is found, follow the “How do I track my item” question
  3. Message seller to confirm if that the product was shipped
  4. If there is no progress in product tracking within a week of the purchase date, send an email to support@goodszilla.ca with the title of the product purchased and the email your account is linked to.
What happens if the item gets lost in the mail?
What do I do if the product I purchased is substantially different from what was on the listing?

What constitutes substantially different?
    – Wrong sizing
    – Undisclosed serious damages
    – Incorrect product

If the item is substantially different, email support@goodszilla.ca including the email linked to your account, name of the product, a brief description as to how the item you received is substantially different, and a picture of the item you received.