Q: How do I sell an Item?
A: Looking to make an impact with existing resources? Perhaps you want to make some extra cash, or clear out some unwanted items from around the house; it's easy to start selling on Goodszilla. Quickly list your item at the right price, with a detailed description, take good pictures as it is known that good pictures attract buyers. Select a charity to benefit when your item is sold and proceed to post your item on the Goodszilla marketplace. Look around on Goodszilla for similar products to get an idea of what other sellers are charging. If you're not sure of your item's value, you can use Goodszilla's search function to help you find similar listings and decide on a price.

Q: When do I receive a donation receipt?
A: You will receive an email from CanadaHelps with your tax receipt when your item has been sold. Please note that it can take 1-2 business days for your donation to be processed.

Q: Can I withdraw some money back when item is sold?
A: You can issue a withdrawal from your account section in-app. Stripe processes withdrawals with applicable fees.

Q: How do you resolve disputes for buyers and sellers?
A: Please contact Goodszilla at info@goodszilla.ca. We advise users to respect one another and attempt to resolve issues amicably before requesting that Goodszilla step in. Buyers are advised to review products and confirm details with sellers in-app for record purposes before making a purchase. When creating listings, we ask sellers to provide buyers with as many product details as possible to avoid potential disputes.

Q: Why was my item delisted?
A: Goodszilla reviews the marketplace to ensure items are properly described and meet our policies and terms of use. We may ask sellers to relist items if we find issues with a listing.

Q: Who pays for shipping?
A: Sellers calculate shipping fees which are added to the final price paid by the buyer. Sellers can also choose to make the item available for in-person pickup.

Q: What are Goodszilla transaction fees?
A: Goodszilla charges a 10% transaction fee when all proceeds of an item are donated to charity. This 10% includes the Stripe payment processing fee of (2.9% + $0.30). When a portion of the selling price is donated, Goodszilla charges a one-time fee of 15% which includes transaction fee, and payment processor seller withdrawal fee ($2 + $0.25 + 0.25%). (Note: Fees are charged to the seller. Charities receive 100% of donated proceeds).

Q: How do I ship items?
A: Sellers calculate shipping cost which is added to the total sale amount. Sellers can also select a pick up option when posting an item.

Q: What payment options are available?
A: Goodszilla uses Stripe to process debit/credit card payments.

Q: How do I donate directly to a charity?
A: We do not accept direct donations. However, you can donate directly to your favourite charity through the CanadaHelps website.

Q: What does powered by CanadaHelps mean?
A: Your donation to your charity of choice is processed by CanadaHelps.

Q: How do selected charities receive donated amount?
A: Charities receive donated amount via CanadaHelps.

Q: How much does the selected charities receive?
A: Goodszilla sends 100% of donated amount to CandaHelps for processing.

Q: How do charities receive payments?
A: Charities receive payments through CanadaHelps or have the ability to partner with Goodszilla directly.

Q: Are charities charged a fee?
A: Goodszilla does not charge charities fees. We transfer the donated proceeds to CanadaHelps for processing.

Q: How does Goodszilla help charities?
A: By creating a digital marketplace where users can support worthy causes and charitable organizations can raise much needed funds.

Q: What is Goodszilla?
A: Goodszilla is a marketplace where individuals make impactful transactions. Sellers sell items to support worthy causes, and buyers shop with a purpose.

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