Get to know Goodszilla

Goodszilla is a way to use technology to improve the world around us. We’re a group of socially minded entrepreneurs who wanted to put our tools to work to create a positive impact. You know, turning goods into goodness.

Why choose Goodszilla?

The all-in-one Goodszilla marketplace connects buyers and sellers. Without spending a dime of their own money, their transactions are creating valuable donations to worthy causes. With every transaction they get the knowledge that they’ve made a difference (and a tax receipt too!).

Goodszilla puts your stuff to good use – much better than just donating it to a thrift store or charity shop. Most charities can’t handle the flood of donated products, and those that can are only able to sell a small portion of what they receive. Did you know that when you donate belongings to charity, most of them end up being shipped overseas? These well-meaning shipments can negatively impact foreign economies and ecological conditions. But Goodszilla’s got a solution!

How It Works




List! – Sell! – Support!

Sellers list their items and determine the portion of their sales that benefit their pre-determined charity.

Buyers work with sellers to arrange shipping while Goodszilla transmits donations to their pre-determined charities. Buyers get cool stuff, sellers get money, and charities get a much-needed donation!

See FAQ for details regarding buying, selling and shipping.

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Goodszilla is a marketplace where individuals make impactful transactions. Sellers sell items to support worthy causes, and buyers shop with a purpose.

Charities receive payments through CanadaHelps or have the ability to partner with Goodszilla directly.

Sellers calculate shipping cost which is added to the total sale amount. Sellers can also select a pick up option when posting an item.

Goodszilla uses Stripe to process debit/credit card payments.

Goodszilla does not charge charities fees. We transfer the donated proceeds to CanadaHelps for processing.

By creating a digital marketplace where users can support worthy causes and charitable organizations can raise much needed funds.

We do not accept direct donations. However, you can donate directly to your favourite charity through the CanadaHelps website.

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