Make a Wish – Consistent Marketing

September 22, 2023

Make a Wish’s goal is to bring every child’s wish to life. In order to help them make this happen, the Goodszilla team explored multiple initiatives to help them raise funds, and generate engagement and awareness around their mission.


Strategy and Results

We decided that a PS5 raffle campaign would be the most effective- given the popularity and scarcity of the prize at the time, we knew that we could attract a big turnout and thus raise as many funds as possible. We ran the campaign ourselves, helping Make a Wish save their time and resources, and supported them throughout by leveraging our social media audience on Instagram and LinkedIn. We also helped create promotional graphics, as well as an email campaign to advertise the raffle.


Because of our joint efforts, we were able to generate a huge amount of engagement on social media, culminating in over 1000 entries and raising over $5000 to support Make a Wish Canada, and make the wishes of each child a reality.

      Lessons Learned

      A consistent approach pays off! Our marketing team was able to successfully engage with a broader audience to generate hype, interest, and awareness around Make a Wish and their mission. Additionally, we were able to do so in a way that saved Make a Wish valuable resources that could be going to children instead! This was a great example of how we can help nonprofits create change and further their mission together.

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