UHB Partnership – Creative Digital Solutions

Jasmeen Purewal

September 22, 2023

University Hospitals Birmingham, a UK charity that supports patients at various hospitals, needed a way to help staff, family, and friends fundraise for patients in need, while also leveraging the physical items donated to them.


Strategy and Results

To help University Hospitals Birmingham setup a strategy for long-term fundraising, and to make use of the items they already had, we partnered with them to launch a charitable online marketplace that allowed individuals to buy and sell items while giving UHB a portion of the proceeds. Customers found a familiar shopping experience where they could browse hundreds of items that appealed to them, knowing that their purchase was giving back to patients in need. Sellers found a way to advertise their products, and sell off stock while donating to an amazing cause.


In the end, the UHB marketplace was a resounding success. We were able to help facilitate 100s of transactions through the online site, with an average pledged portion of 40%- and we’re still going! We’re excited to continue to support UHB and help them raise even more for the patients they support.

      Lessons Learned

      A creative solution can help nonprofits stand out and generate funds in fun and unique ways. By building UHB a digital solution to their problems (the need for funds and excess stock), we were able to create real, lasting change that continues to benefit them today. Working with nonprofits is always a good way for us to make a difference and learn as much as we can, and our Digital Solutions team gained a lot of insight from their experience as well.

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