Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees associated with selling on the Goodszilla marketplace?

Goodszilla charges a fee of 6.9% + 2.9% (payment processing fee and seller payout fee) However, if 100% of the sale is going to a charity, Goodszilla will waive the 2.9% fee, applying only the 6.9% fee.

How will donations be processed? How do the donations get transferred to the charities?

All donations will be processed through CanadaHelps, our official charity partner. They are a registered charity that facilitates fundraising for charities across Canada! You can read more about them at We also process US donations via Paypal giving fund.

What about returns?

In Conscious Cart, you’re able to set the donation collection period to either daily, weekly, or monthly. This means that all of the collected donations will be sent to charity at a frequency of your choosing! For example, if you’re a clothing brand with a standard two-week return policy, you can set donations to be sent every month to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase before any funds are sent to charity.

What charities am I able to support?

Through our integration with CanadaHelps, you will be able to choose any registered charity in Canada to support! If there’s a particular charity you are interested in outside of Canada, we may be able to contact them and onboard them onto our platform as well.

Why are the donations showing up in USD?

Depending on your store location, we show the currency of your store be it CAD Or USD. 

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! Your donations should be tax deductible, of course pursuant to the laws and guidelines of the area you reside in. We provide tax receipts and an invoice of all your donations to make this process easier for you.

Where on my website does the Conscious Cart widget show up?

You can choose where you want our widget to show up! 
The primary places are on product pages and on checkout. This lets your customers know you support social causes and demonstrates your commitment while they are initially shopping, and also reaffirms this at the moment of purchase to create a positive feedback loop and make your customers feel proud that they’ve made a difference by shopping with you.

What campaign types are available at checkout?
We currently offer 4 main types of donation engagements:
• Portion of Sales, which allows you to set a percentage of product proceeds to go towards charity. 
• Round-Up, which prompts customers to round-up their purchase to their nearest dollar and donate that towards charity. 
• Donate for Discount, which gives customers a discount of your choice after they donate a certain amount. 
• Custom Donations, which allows you to set a few different levels for customers to donate at (i.e $5, $15, $25, etc)
How can I add Conscious Cart to my Shopify Website?

You can find us on the Shopify Store at!
Our one-click install allows you to instantly begin using our plugin with minimal setup required.

Are you compatible with Shopify 1.0?

Currently, our app is built to primarily support Shopify 2.0, but it is also compatible with Shopify 1.0 as well! We may need to adjust certain elements to fit your store the best, so feel free to reach out to us and book a free technical consultation.

My website isn’t on Shopify- can I still use Conscious Cart?

Yes! We offer an API integration that will allow you to use Conscious Cart on your store, even if you’re not on Shopify. We’d be happy to offer you a free technical consultation to see how we can best suit your needs.

How will I be invoiced?

All invoices/information on donations that are sent will be visible on the Dashboard, which will display financial information and information on the impact you’ve made! You’ll also be sent a detailed invoice after donations are sent to charity.

How can I change my credit card on file?

In the Global Settings tab of our plugin, you’re able to change your payment information and account information whenever you want! 

Does Conscious Cart affect loading time or my store’s performance?

No! Conscious Cart is built to be very low-resource to ensure that all stores are able to use it. Additionally, Shopify loads your product page and product information, such as image, prices, description, etc, before loading other plugins, so your loading time and performance will never be affected.

Can I only use Conscious Cart if I am a Canadian business?

Nope! Conscious Cart is open to businesses from any country. Currently, our donation processing platform (built with CanadaHelps) has integrations with every Canadian charity, but we are always adding charities to the platform and can add specific organizations if requested by you.

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