UHB Partnership – Creative Digital Solutions

University Hospitals Birmingham, a UK charity that supports patients at various hospitals, needed a way to help staff, family, and friends fundraise for patients in need, while also leveraging the physical items donated to them.


Strategy and Results

To help University Hospitals Birmingham setup a strategy for long-term fundraising, and to make use of the items they already had, we partnered with them to launch a charitable online marketplace that allowed individuals to buy and sell items while giving UHB a portion of the proceeds. Customers found a familiar shopping experience where they could browse hundreds of items that appealed to them, knowing that their purchase was giving back to patients in need. Sellers found a way to advertise their products, and sell off stock while donating to an amazing cause.


In the end, the UHB marketplace was a resounding success. We were able to help facilitate 100s of transactions through the online site, with an average pledged portion of 40%- and we’re still going! We’re excited to continue to support UHB and help them raise even more for the patients they support.

      Lessons Learned

      A creative solution can help nonprofits stand out and generate funds in fun and unique ways. By building UHB a digital solution to their problems (the need for funds and excess stock), we were able to create real, lasting change that continues to benefit them today. Working with nonprofits is always a good way for us to make a difference and learn as much as we can, and our Digital Solutions team gained a lot of insight from their experience as well.

      Make a Wish – Consistent Marketing

      Make a Wish’s goal is to bring every child’s wish to life. In order to help them make this happen, the Goodszilla team explored multiple initiatives to help them raise funds, and generate engagement and awareness around their mission.


      Strategy and Results

      We decided that a PS5 raffle campaign would be the most effective- given the popularity and scarcity of the prize at the time, we knew that we could attract a big turnout and thus raise as many funds as possible. We ran the campaign ourselves, helping Make a Wish save their time and resources, and supported them throughout by leveraging our social media audience on Instagram and LinkedIn. We also helped create promotional graphics, as well as an email campaign to advertise the raffle.


      Because of our joint efforts, we were able to generate a huge amount of engagement on social media, culminating in over 1000 entries and raising over $5000 to support Make a Wish Canada, and make the wishes of each child a reality.

          Lessons Learned

          A consistent approach pays off! Our marketing team was able to successfully engage with a broader audience to generate hype, interest, and awareness around Make a Wish and their mission. Additionally, we were able to do so in a way that saved Make a Wish valuable resources that could be going to children instead! This was a great example of how we can help nonprofits create change and further their mission together.

          BC Cancer Foundation – Power of Collaboration

          The BC Cancer Foundation is the fundraising partner of BC Cancer. Their purpose is to be a catalyst for change on multiple levels, powering world class innovation while supporting deeply personal battles with cancer. Every dollar raised advances care across BC Cancer’s six regional centres and research programs- so as one of our charity partners, we knew that we had to find a way to support them and their mission actively.


          Strategy and Results

          In order to help them raise funds, we decided to run a raffle campaign, leveraging both our audience and theirs to build engagement and excitement. For our campaign, we knew that we wanted to support BC Cancer as much as possible, so we contacted some of our corporate partners and asked if they wanted to join in and show their support as well.


          Sephora Canada and Raised80s answered the call, and donated various prizes for us to raffle, including premium makeup sets, gift boxes, and gift cards. With their help, we were able to generate hype across a variety of audiences, and entice them to participate in the raffle. Throughout our marketing campaign, we leveraged social media and the platforms of our partners to bring as much awareness to BC Cancer as possible- not only how to give back to them, but the importance of the BC Cancer Foundation as a whole, and the amazing cancer research and support programs donations were making possible.


          With the help of our partners, we were able to raise over $2100, with 85 participants making a total of 300+ raffle entries. Not only did we raise money for an important cause, but we were able to broadcast BC Cancer’s mission to a combined audience of over 5,000 people.

              Lessons Learned

              The power of collaboration is amazing when it comes to bringing people together for a good cause. Through our pre-existing relationships with partners, we were able to amplify our impact and create more lasting change than any of us could have done on our own. This highlights the importance of working with brands and organizations when it comes to giving back- collaborations are an amazing way to attract different audiences and build stronger connections between us and the non-profits and brands we work with.

              Noisy Cart – Powerful Donation Engagements

              Noisy Cart is a luxury fashion brand that was looking to introduce an ESG strategy to make a real difference, while actively showcasing their social impact to customers. With our widget, we had the perfect solution for them.


              Strategy and Results

              Noisy Cart not only wanted to make a big impact, but also wanted that impact to be felt by their customers. Instead of hiding their mission on an About Us page somewhere in their site, they wanted active engagement on product and checkout pages to not only boost their brand image, but encourage customers to join them in giving back as well.


              Conscious Cart was the best way to help them accomplish this. We used a combination of two of our donation engagements, Portion of Proceeds and Discount for Donate, to provide both a clear reminder to customers on every product page, and also amplify Noisy Cart’s impact overall.


              With Portion of Proceeds, Noisy Cart pledged $10 of every purchase to selected charities on checkout, something customers could actively see on our widget.

              With Donate for Discount, Noisy Cart offered a 20% discount for customers who decided to make a contribution to charity themselves, raising over $2000 from this alone!


              With this combination, Noisy Cart was able to create active engagement with customers, leading to:


              • A 19% increase in purchase completion rates due to active reminders
              • A 4% increase in customer engagement
              • A 12% increase in repeat customer rate

                Lessons Learned

                By leveraging our donation engagements, Noisy Cart was able to create the impact they wanted, and even enable their customers to join in with a discount incentive. Building this active engagement with customers increased their willingness to shop with Noisy Cart, and made a big difference in the overall number of transactions. This shows how powerful our donation engagements can be, and how best to use them to incentivize your customers to shop with you.

                A Good Cause – Automated, Comprehensive Solution

                A Good Cause is a fashion and self-care store that is designed to help their customers support the causes that they care about personally, and know that their purchase has made a difference. With a mission so similar to our own, we wanted to help facilitate the donation process and provide the technical side of their shopping experience.


                Strategy and Results

                Because A Good Cause wanted their customers to be able to choose for themselves what they wanted to support with their purchase, whether animal rights, Indigenous rights, or the environment, we leveraged our Customer Choice option to help them accomplish this. With Customer Choice, stores are able to allow their customers to search for any charity or registered non-profit of their choice to have their donation sent to. A Good Cause used this in combination with our Portion of Proceeds donation engagement to allow their customers to decide for themselves where 10% of the proceeds of each purchase would be sent.


                This not only helped customers feel connected to A Good Cause by being able to choose a charity that matters to them, but also empowered local charities like the Modesto Children’s Museum to fund a revamped Museum entrance, partly due to our efforts.


                As a result of our donation engagement and customer choice, A Good Cause has seen:


                • A 13.2% increase in average order value by helping their customers feel connected to a shopping experience personalized to them
                • A 28.4% decrease in abandoned carts
                • A 35% decrease in return rate

                Lessons Learned

                Ensuring that customers feel connected and catered towards during their shopping experience is key to increasing their engagement and positive feelings towards your brand! By providing an automated, comprehensive way for customers to choose charities, we were able to make life easier for A Good Cause and provide a technical solution to help them accomplish their mission.